Why We Do It The Way We Do



Ben Schloegel

Founder of Firefighter Athlete

Kansas City Mo, Fire Department
Professional Ironman Athlete

FirefighterAthlete.com is an online training program built by two guys Ben and Sam who live this stuff.  They aren’t muscle/meat heads, don’t expect you to “get ripped” or “get shredded” but do think you can be fit and achiever your goals in sport and life and want to help make it happen.  We built this for first responders and anyone else who wants to be an urban athlete and get the most out of their body.

Our training is simple, we’ve built an arsenal and library of videos and workouts giving you complete access to them all.  Even better you can use one of our many training plans to drive your fitness and track your progress and follow through.  Train for the unexpected because it is bound to happen.

The FFA training method is simple, train the body in the most balanced manner possible; Speed, Power, Agility, Force, Balance, Endurance and overall Athleticism are all key components to a complete athlete.  We build solid foundations and we build athletes from the ground up who can not just endure but can apply their body’s to the world around them.

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