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Letter From Athlete

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Got this from an athlete wanting to train at our gym and wondering why we do what we do.  The science supports basis on my statement but more importantly I think this addresses the concern of a lot of guys/gals who do our work and train for different types of endurance sports… Hi Ben, I’m […]

Course Correction

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It’s been grinding on me to get something up.  Grinding lots. I just finished the company officer promotion process last week.  The first thing I did upon completion was shut it down and catch up on some much needed rest.  That lasted almost 24 hours. Company officers on my department, Kansas City, Missouri (yeah the […]

The Real Problem With Ray Rice

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I am watching the game right now.  Somehow, someway my Kansas City Chiefs have actually taken the lead against Peyton and the Donkey’s.  I love the sport, love the game and there is nothing that rivals the product that the NFL delivers.  In general we are consumed by the entire product life cycle.  The Draft, […]