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Pre Planning Your Fitness Goals

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I feel like a total wanker of late.  Maybe less wanker and more poser. Yesterday I was cleared to ride my bike for the first time in 6 weeks.  So I did.  Left hand completely restrained in my splint, only able to balance it on my handle bar.  Baby stepping it off the curbs. My […]

A Bit Of Irony

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Life can be a bit ironic and to that extent I have a bit more metal/iron (bad pun) in my hand to prove it.  It’ll be four weeks ago on Monday when I will have broken (possible understatement of my year) my left thumb and hand getting a bit too aggressive on my mountain bike.  […]

What Type of Stretching Routine Should I Do?

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“What Type of Stretching Routine Should I Do?” We get that a lot and to be completely frank and honest, I don’t know. I would start with; do something appropriate for your ability and background and make sure that it adequately prepares your body for what it is going to be doing. How about that? […]