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The Shift To The Suck…

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Polar Vortex is what the call it and I suppose it has something to do with Eskimos, Santa and serious cold.  The Tuesday night before it crept into Kansas City I was in a tank top and out for a run at 70 degrees.  I was out that night walking the dog and the cold […]

Letter From Athlete

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Got this from an athlete wanting to train at our gym and wondering why we do what we do.  The science supports basis on my statement but more importantly I think this addresses the concern of a lot of guys/gals who do our work and train for different types of endurance sports… Hi Ben, I’m […]

The Basics. Please.

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I arrived at the station this morning and by the time I had transitioned my gear from my floor locker to the rig the bells were ringing.  We went back to back to back right out of the gates. Some poor guy at one of our numerous dialysis centers was circling the drain, from there […]