Course Correction

It’s been grinding on me to get something up.  Grinding lots.

I just finished the company officer promotion process last week.  The first thing I did upon completion was shut it down and catch up on some much needed rest.  That lasted almost 24 hours.

Company officers on my department, Kansas City, Missouri (yeah the same town that is going to kick the Giants ass tomorrow night) is a 4 part process.  Each portion worth 25% that equals a composite of 100%.  They are….

25% is seniority based.  This blows as I just got my 10 years on, the least amount allowed to test for Captain, and I basically get a 40% based on the scale.  So that means 40% on the first quarter of the total square, a bit of a hole to dig out of.

25% is based upon our written test score.  A 100 question, 4 answer multiple choice test covering all of our GAGs, GOGs, Rules, Regulations, Procedures, IFSTA Company Officer, Brannigan’s Building Construction, Local 42’s entire Collective Bargaining Agreement and a couple other text books thrown in.  Literally hundreds (if not thousands) of pages broken down into 100 questions.

The final 50% is done in front of a camera in what is called our Oral portion.

25% on what was 4 different tactical scenarios covering first in on a working duplex fire, fire attack group supervisor on a high rise fire, transfer of command to first arriving BC and then a very odd district safety officer 360 simulation.

25% on 3 different managerial/supervisory situational portions.

I now wait for the results as the test is graded by an outside department and my fate has been sealed for the following 2 years.  It was without a doubt the most legitimate testing process I believe I have ever been through and I have to hand it to our Professional Development Bureau that they gave a fair, balanced and certainly difficult process.  Other than the seniority portion it was pretty dialed in.  Ask me in another 15 years and maybe my opinion will change.

During this time I’ve been working on a massive transformation of my company with a complete re-branding, name change and site rebuild.  I’ve also merged two gyms into one brand new one that I am building out and just about have completed.  To say I’ve been spread thin would be a massive understatement.  This all being the same, it is just about completed and for the most part I wouldn’t change anything about the way I’ve done business in the process of any of it.

Back to writing, back to blogging.  Back into a forward direction.

Going forward though, I’ve got to change up a few things.  Until Fire Rescue discontinues this or cuts me off I am compelled to write a blog that is real about the job, the culture and the inclusion of a lifestyle that is healthy and balanced.

So much of what I see on the internet and from guys/gals on the job is completely bogus and total fluff and BS.  I’ve been living proof that if you think sitting around and weighing in on social media items is action you have confused busywork for real work and real accomplishment.  Same goes for posting selfies and talking on end about what your workout is or was or debating the merit of anothers.

It has been my determination over the past year, as I have been more exposed to all the people who elect to exist or weigh in solely via the internet is that most are not at all tied to or based in reality.  That is fine, those who disagree can go ponder the ridiculous situational and bogus items alive and well in excess out there.

I think that there are a bunch of you though that want something more, something real and going forward that is what I am going to write on and about.  It’s my time and my energy and my opinion and though clearly not in the majority I will take the authentic crowd that works for a living day in and day out, everyday.

I’ll get more out there and it will make more sense soon enough.  For now GO ROYALS and kick the Giants asses tomorrow night.

PS – I’ve spent a lot of time on the road, tons of time in Northern California.  You have amazing food, culture, cities, even better training and active lifestyles but for being so worldly and wanting to non stop punk my tiny mid-western town learn your geography.  Kansas City, THE Kansas City is located in Missouri.  We don’t claim Kansas and we sure as shit don’t claim the ass backwards politics and other oddities of our neighbor to the west.  This being said, the work ethic, drive and absolute guts you see from anyone in our metro area (Kansas or Missouri) those are straight up mid-western values that come from never taken yourself so seriously and never begrudging a man or woman based upon where they are from.  We judge and give respect based upon what you bring to the table, this includes a basic understanding of geography as well as a few other things.  I could name 15 cities located in and around the Bay area, most of your major streets and even the different neighborhoods located within San Francisco.  I didn’t learn any of them from facebook, twitter or based purely on assumption.

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