The Real Problem With Ray Rice

I am watching the game right now.  Somehow, someway my Kansas City Chiefs have actually taken the lead against Peyton and the Donkey’s.  I love the sport, love the game and there is nothing that rivals the product that the NFL delivers.  In general we are consumed by the entire product life cycle.  The Draft, preseason, opening week, the entire, every game matters regular season and nothing touches the playoff run sport league.  The Super Bowl has become a national holiday and not even the opening of the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament comes close as a distant second.  Baseball Opening Day, Ha!  You have to be kidding me.

The axe I want to grind has nothing to do with how wrong Ray Rice was by knocking out his fiance’ in an elevator in an Atlantic City casino.  Whether or not he did or did not also spit on her and what a horrible man he might be for then dragging her limp body out and onto the floor as he was obviously more concerned with what might happen to him than what was happening with her as she was laying there and appeared lifeless.

If you think that this is a Ray Rice issue or even maybe a Roger Gooddell issue than you are a fool.  The big picture in these instances is the toughest thing to see or to gain focus on.  Stop acting like some sort of righteous indignation you might have matters.  Let me ask you a few things about 12 months from now…

Does it even matter if Ray Rice is playing or not?

Do we really care who the commissioner is or whether or not Roger Gooddell was ousted wrongly or kept his job justly?

Will we care whether or not they had the tape?  That they didn’t have it? That they saw it or didn’t?

That TMZ somehow acquired it when no one else in the NFL seemed able to?

NFL owners will still be cashing in, they will be so far removed from this and never had been touched that they won’t feel the least bit bad about upping your parking at their venue another $5 a car.

Quick, name who squared off against Bush II in election II and for bonus points who his running mate was?  That was for the presidency of our nation.  Something that actually mattered and actually impacts world events.  As it relates to a possibly-past-his-prime running back from Baltimore we won’t care and he will be long out of the game and nothing more than an afterthought.

The money is still going to roll in and we will still tune in and invest hours in our fantasy line ups (well you might, I certainly won’t).  During this whole saga though you will continue to feel like your opinion on how bad it is to hit a women doesn’t really mean any sort of meaningful change.

The NFL is a private organization that is owned by a conglomerate of billionaires and their interest and their single driving interest money.  They do damage control, brand management and the spin better than anyone ever.  They have more wealth, power and leverage than you or I can even fathom, no really, you and I cannot conceive of what it would be like.

This matters about as much as when Elliot Spitzer, a married father, resigned as governor because he was caught hiring and sleeping with call girls while in office.  You know what?  He is now a contributor to numerous talk shows and still pulls down a whole lot more than you or I.

The deck is stacked and all you can do is fuel the fire that churns the massive cash producing engine of those in the true elitist class.  They always see the big picture, they always find an angle to cash in on it and they always get you to pay your way.

Rice is a thug, he blew it and he made a major mistake and worst of all it was caught on film.  Now we stand back and crucify him for it and possibly call for his head, his boss and anyone else that journalist can connect with this incident.

Someone actually does win though and it’s the owners.

I’m still watching.  Lamar Hunt’s Chiefs still suck, we are down at halftime against the greatest quarterback in history of the game at halftime.








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