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The Real Problem With Ray Rice

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I am watching the game right now.  Somehow, someway my Kansas City Chiefs have actually taken the lead against Peyton and the Donkey’s.  I love the sport, love the game and there is nothing that rivals the product that the NFL delivers.  In general we are consumed by the entire product life cycle.  The Draft, […]

Minutes Measured & Goals

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New week kicks off tomorrow if you roll with the traditional Monday start.  First full week since Labor day passed the prior.  New week, new season and new opportunity. What you gonna do with it? Those of you who are athletes and have been active and been training how are you going to up the […]

My List – What Is Yours?

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If my life were to end tomorrow in some sort of fiery automobile or airplane crash and I was to list the 10 most important parts of my workout life; or if due to this rapid change of events I was to be limited to only doing 10 different exercises or activities for the rest […]