10 Is 10

Ten is ten no matter how you think you are going to cut it or how bad you fake it.  I’m talking about pull ups or any other sort of repetitive motion with or without resistance added to it.  Keep this in mind as you read on, this is about exercise with a case study focusing on one particular movement to aid in making a point.

The crew that I train with has an agreement that we don’t “kip” or do any version of this type of pullup.

Reason behind this is two fold….

1.  My experience as an athlete, coach and first responder is that I don’t put my back or shoulders in a place of undue risk or exposure for injury.  You cannot convince me that the motion that goes into this type of exercise has the same desired outcomes or impact as the originally intended pull or chin up does.  It also defeats the purpose of those original two exercises which is to pull your body weight up using your upper body and associated muscle groups from a near dead hang, potential energy, standpoint.

2.  It gives us an “out” that simply doesn’t tie into us getting real about what we are training for.  The count is different, completely and totally.  It reminds me of when guys would ask me how fast I could run a mile.  “You know if I went all out and just killed myself.”.  The answer wouldn’t be impressive by any real standards, what might have been was how fast I could run mile after mile all day long.  How many reps, how fast or how “whatever” you can do anything is only relevant when it might be compared side by side with something that actually measures up.

This is not me railing against any sort of exercise, people that do are clowns.  I don’t care if your thing is Yoga, Boxing or Power Lifting… do it.  Enjoy it and do it right.  Keep it real and keep it honest.  The world needs more athletes and more people being active, better athletes often times make for better people anyhow.  The more people who get busy getting active means more people contributing to the betterment of the world around us.

Training or working out is actually not all about you.

The reason I use the “kipping” pull up is because this seems to be where I see the most athletes giving themselves a false sense of security in their ability to repeatedly pull up their own body weight.  If your intent is to prove how many times you pull yourself up than this is going to essentially give you a false reading.  If your intent is to see how many kipping pull ups you can do, than I say go for it just be careful about that shoulder joint.

You either get real about what you are doing and why you are doing it or you fabricate a ridiculous existence around you and one that cannot actually stack up against anyone else as you have utilized a completely arbitrary system of counting and testing.

The challenge I continually face is whether or not I am willing to get real, get honest and get down to do some suffering.  If I am, that means that I am willing to partake in an honest process of making gains.  This is exactly where gains are made and objectives are accomplished.






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