Activity or Accomplishment?

No doubt I am going to get flamed on these things, especially so long as I put them out in the public domain but I am more than fine with that.  I probably keep it just a bit too simple and real and most guys/gals want to over think and overdue just about anything so long as you don’t get dirt, mud or blood on yourself.

In our job and since the dawn of highly interactive communication portals and social media we have done exactly what we shouldn’t of according to legendary basketball coach John Wooden….

We have confused activity for accomplishment.

We have gotten so busy talking up what a pretty package we have wrapped up that we forgot nothing was in it or worse; what we did give to the world wasn’t sustainable or really worth all that much.  To that end, I try and keep things simple.  I’m a simple guy and I operate best under those circumstances.  Maybe you do to.  If so, let me know because we need to stick together and carry the light in our pre-fab and so safe world.

Every year racing and training I meet guys who are talking up the newest trends, tech and fads.  They talk about how they are going to implement and how they are going to add to what they are doing and what a massive “WOW!” factor they are putting forth.

Problem is that none of these guys are ever around when the metal hits the meat though.

They are in one of two places; on the sidelines chatting away or blown into a million pieces on the side of the road and still wondering what failed them.

It was epically cool though when they returned to their vehicle, which no doubt had a million f-ing stickers on it, and load their uber cool and expensive gear into it. It wasn’t long before they were able to shake it off and begin posting about the “hardest day of their lives” and how things “just didn’t fall into place today”.

It reminds me of the guy who called me last week wondering how he could get into the Hawaiian Ironman World Championships.  He was floored when I told him to get out and train his ass off and qualify on his merit and results.

Certainly this wasn’t how you did these things, no way some 1,500 people had paid this sort of price of admission.  They did and many more just like them around the world and in many different sports and disciplines.  The truly amazing ones did this while becoming better parents, friends, employers, employees and leaders in the fire service too.

Great athletes, they become great people at the same time.  The truly great ones.

Do the work, because the work is always the answer and it is usually the most direct and difficult route to the finish line.

Those that failed would find (if they have the capacity for true self awareness, another trait of great athletes) that it was their body as a result of their minds not being strong enough to make that body do the work that resulted in this manner.

Never confuse activity for accomplishment.  John Wooden lived by this and I’d say he produced at a very high level, consistently and for a VERY long time.  He was loved and respected by all.

The difference between you and him?  He got busy and got after it, he sure as shit never asked how you could win an NCAA championship by just paying for or repeatedly posting about it.

Get busy now, just make sure you are accomplishing.

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