Why We Do It The Way We Do


ben-maltese-crossWhy is firefighterathlete.com different?  There are a whole bunch of  different reasons, before I go into them I am begging you to remember and consider two different things….. pretty please.

1.  This is NOT a sales pitch.  Not at all.  This is the owner and creator of this site telling you, pouring his heart and guts out to you about why he did it.  It was not money.  I saved up for a year to build out and buy the site and initial design.  It was expensive and I did it all on my firefighter and side job wages.  I have begged, borrowed and even considered stealing to keep this thing rolling along.  We’ve built over 300 videos and loads of additional resources on this site.  That kind of consistency is not easy to keep up and you don’t do it unless you have lived what you are trying to put out there for others to make gains from.  It is as honest a pursuit a small business owner can make.

2.  This is why firefighterathlete.com is really and truly different and based upon a decade of being part of a working department and accomplishing things in sport outside of the department I would  swear on my own life that this works.

All I want is for people to see what we are building but more importantly to know how, where and above and beyond everything else the “WHY” behind it all.  This is why “WHY” is essential:

The internet, your gym, your buddies and even good old fashioned books made with paper are packed with information, training plans, workouts and a whole lot more.  Get on your instagram or facebook account and search for #fitnesscompetetion and you’ll see one take on a group of people’s concept of fitness.  It is different than ours and it is fine.  If you want to pursue that then I say “go for it” but just know what your body is doing and how that work and effort will translate into you life, fitness and health.

I’m not going to knock any active or athletic pursuit but I want to make sure you know what firefighterathlete.com is and why we do it.  Then you make the call.

Whether you are a first responder or not, our training works and will build net sustainable, consistent and absolute  results.  We know who we are training but more importantly we know the “WHY” behind what they need, what is demanded of them and how incredibly fluid it all really is.  In our regimen we know we are training tactical athletes who can work across a massive range of fitness modalities, athlete skill sets and in both the aerobic and anaerobic drivers.   FFA is aware of this and we want to capitalize completely on your potential.  You have more of it than you will ever know, you also are not capable of bringing it out on you own.

We don’t build up so fast that you break or that you plateau and never progress past your earliest and low hanging gains.  We’ve seen this happen for year and it sucks to watch in athletes, you know they are discouraged.

We are aware that most of our tactical athletes are training for something outside of our jobs as firefighters, police officers, military and first responders but by building our tactical athletes in a  non-traditional, non linear mode we are always ready and in the competition phase of our fitness.  We don’t believe in being “off-line” and we know that by building people up and across the widest range and modalities of fitness as well as engaging the the different energy systems (they are):

1. Phosphagen (the first 6 seconds of work)

2. Glycotic (what gets you through the first 3 minutes)

3. Oxidative (what you need to push beyond)

This is how I see things and the reason I built this up:

Build agile, quick, coordinated and flexible athletes with a wide range of motion.  You do this and you have true athletes who get injured less and less.

Build athletes that have both power and strength.  Power is the ability to move heavy objects quickly and loading the spine.  Strength is the ability to move heavy objects without the the timed component.  This is hugely important that balance is achieved in this regard and that our tactical athletes can do both; power and strength with continued gains and success.

Hit the core, the big muscles and true agonist components but never forget the balance necessary by equally the antagonist and accessory groups as well. Balance and sustainability, it’s how we roll.

Train fully the anaerobic (done when you are building most power, strength and core work) but also the aerobic (true endurance) energy systems.  Why?  You know what I love about my fitness and health?

  • I can dead-lift nearly 3 times my body weight,
  • I can put up solid 1 rep max as well as high reps on bench, squat, rows and most any other dumbbell or barbell work.
  • I can do 30 plus continuous pullups (I don’t kip).
  • I can run a sub 5 minute mile or I can run over 25 miles and hold a 6:30 pace.  Even if you have me ride a bike for 100 plus miles before it.
  • I can swim.
  • I can box and though I’ve lost, I’ve never been knocked out and I can take a serious shot.
  • I can force any door, cut a hole on any roof, drag a hand line or downed FF or citizen and I can hold my own on any emergency scene.

The point is that I’ve built my body to handle, adapt and overcome anything.  I want to help you do the same.  This is why we built FFA.

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