Know Your Purpose


You know what most people are doing dead wrong about what they do when they train? They don’t have a clue what they are doing or why.

Few things drive me as crazy as when I watch someone ripping or bagging on another because they think what they are doing is stupid, inane or just not intense or possibly too intense for what they might be most comfortable with.

I watched this old fella drag his ass to the gym for years and jump into the pool and swim his laps, do his aqua jogging, arm raises and whatever else it was he was doing day in and day out. Week after week and then longer yet after all that. There are Dalmation dogs with less spots than this seventy something year old had on his body and I guarantee you that their must any Pug has tighter skin.

The guy was old though, I mean old. When I guesstimate 70 I’m being conservative. He was long past the point of caring what some young punk like myself thought about him. My guess is that what drove him out of bed each and every day was the reaper making more than just an appearance in his dreams.

He wasn’t fighting for his youth or trying to impress anyone, long since had that passed. This guy probably wanted to retain his independence, mental and physical capacities and wanted something that involved physical activity to fill his days.

He is probably the kind of guy that would actually listen to someone if he were to ask a question. He is also the kind of athlete whom a trainer could expect seomthing to be asked of them that wasn’t so cliche’ as “how do I get a six pack”, “I hate running, what else can I do”, “I don’t like to sweat…” The list never ends.

The difference between the guy/gal who shows up day in and day out and continually executes? They know what they came for, what they need to do to make it happen and above all else. The “Why”.

You want to do just enough work to get by, the only drive you feel is from your ego and the ego just won’t push most hard enough.

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