I hammer myself, I hammer my athletes and I do my best to instil it in the people who work for me.

“Nail the basics and never forget that consistency is king.”

A whole lot has been accomplished in this world by those who stayed true to that mantra.  Some were fated for greatness but most of simply put the time and effort in on a regular basis.

The reason you stand flat footed at hips width apart and a slight bend in your knees when lifting isn’t so you get style points.  To be honest you don’t do it to lift the vast majority of the weight hanging on the bar most of the time.  You nail your form, you dial in the fundamentals and you consistently execute for the last 5-10% of weight.

It is the same in all that we do in life and sport.  Most everyone can lift, move, bound etc. etc. within given parameters.  Outside of very few “world class” individuals in their respective activity or sport we fall into just a couple standard deviations from the middle.  Ultimately though we compete against ourselves and only ourselves and to maximize the load or effort you had better of nailed down all the details and practiced plenty so that the only thing you need to focus on is getting your head wrapped around the present moment.

When you do get the chance to exceed your known limitations or personal best you won’t do it if you didn’t improve upon the process that lead up to the opportunity.

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